Photographer:Miriam | From right: Andrea, Renu and Wazo
25 Sep / 2015Program by:

Off the Cuff-45

Off The Cuff is growing and growing! It seems that we now have 4 or 5 listeners !…
The Millidacious show is starting tonight and we have a short report regarding its preparation back-stage.
We were told that there is conspiracy already in place for the selection of new members for the next Auroville Council and Working Commitee.
Renu reflects on the importance of representing Auroville values in administration despite the difficulties faced. Services are moving forward in sharing a common place in the Service Area. Wazo proposes that the BCC should present their own report and that the commercial mind set operating there should be changed into a service oriented vision and direction. Solar Kitchen is going to discontinue providing dinner as too few people are present however Andrea mentions that the previously popular Solar Cafe’ is closed in the evening and it may be considered to keep it open in the night to serve food.

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  • Fans of OTC, New York

    Nice guys!
    I too vote for Renu!!


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