Photographer:Andrea | From left: Andrea, Renu and Wazo
03 Oct / 2015Program by:
Featured: RenuLanguage: English

Off the Cuff-46

OTC’s random topics of the day: Gandhi Jayanti an official holiday but the radio team was busy and preparations for the Film festival, which is opening today, were on-going. Movies from all over the world were collected and it is an exciting moment for all.
Auroville was covered by the major Indian newspapers with positive articles regarding our cultural events and more. It’s amazing to see how productive Auroville is. Meanwhile Pour Tous Water has its first birthday and Wazo suggests that BCC & Finance needs a collective re-thinking to look at how to move to a service society and a Fraternal Economy. Renu gives a brief report on wildlife sightings and the magic relation with nature in the Green Belt concerning wasps and bees. The Millidacious play and how to balance the free access to events organized in Auroville and the people who come from outside and the costs faced by the artists?

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