Photographer:Roland | The Off the Cuff team. From left: Renu, Andrea and Wazo Photographer:Andrea | Wazo & Renu
30 Oct / 2015Program by:

Off the Cuff – 50

We celebrate one year of Off the Cuff, Renu wonders about the supramental action on the collective body, Guidelines and rules, changes in Auroville and an experiment that Wazo and Renu are recording a suggested change and the entire process to try and implement it we start with Slava of the RAS. Wazo defends being angry as any positive changes are often very reluctant to take place and he will not “keep cool” in face of the tragedies of the reality and the uselessness of reporting to the groups in todays scenario and other issues.

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  • Fans of OTC, New York

    Fantastic program, as always!!
    Very touching and heartfelt!!
    Thank You.

  • Andrea

    Thanks Fans of OTC, New York 😉


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