Photographer:Courtesy International House | Digging under the sun at the Auroville International House Photographer:Courtesy Auroville Archives | Forcomers canion back in the 60'. A lot of work has been done since then... Photographer:Courtesy  | Queen's University Urban Planning students. Group Brainstorming, Recycling & Reusing Photographer:Courtesy Sadhana Forest | Volunteering in Auroville Sadhana Forest Photographer:Courtesy Sacred Groves   | Sacred Groves project is mainly run by volunteer Photographer:Courtesy Buddhagarden  | Early morning in Buddhagarden Photographer:Courtesy Buddhagarden  | Keet hut. A simple accomodation for volunteers in Buddhagarden
21 Nov / 2014Program by:
Featured: RenuLanguage: English

Off the Cuff- Andrea, Renu Wazo

In this episode we discuss money inspired by an article posted by Krishna on the volunteer contribution policy change.
The suggested monthly contribution may make it difficult to give the chance to young people to join the many projects were volunteers are very welcome and the Auroville projects are also not in a position to be able to cover these expenses.
The radio alone has developed thanks to some 250 highly skilled volunteers and interns. The question of centralized money and decentralized skills have all to be appreciated for the energy they bring and a balance found between our view of energy – be it money or work.

Click here to download an interview (by Alan of Auroville Today) with Alon and Batel regarding the Integrated Sustainability Platform ISP.