Photographer:Shirin | Lalit and Purvi Bhatt Photographer:Lalit | CEPT students with Helmut at SANTE Photographer:Lalit | session of CEPT students with Suahsini Photographer:Lalit | greenery of Auroville Photographer:Lalit | students of CEPT with Professor Purvi Bhatt at Kindergarden Photographer:Lalit | presentation todat, 18th of Decmeber at 4pm at SAIIER conference hall Photographer:Lalit | visiting SANTE
18 Dec / 2018Program by:

On CEPT Winter Shool Programme – Outcome today at SAIIER, by Purvi and Lalit

Today, 18th of December at 4pm at SAIIER Conference Hall we will see a presentation of CEPT students on Urban Design Study and Proposal for the community open spaces on Crown.
As Lalit mentions, Auroville as learning society is full of insights from integral point of view, and world youth is seeking to be engaged with Auroville educational platform. From those collaborations Auroville Design Studio created space for the first time for the students of CEPT of Ahmedabad.
19 post graduates students of diverse background – from architects, urban planners to landscape designers were challenged by creating open community spaces on the Crown.
As Purvi said, their biggest challenge was to create spaces which does not revolve around food or monetary exchange but rather look at socializing or finding the space for solitary if needed.
In their intensive workshop they interact with David (Crown), Helmut (mobility), Suhasini (society evolving), and created practical design solutions fro the community open spaces on Crown, which will be presented today.