Photographer:Nola | Paula will present on Thursday 20th at 4pm at UP SExual Helath Basics Photographer:Nola | Youth Safety and Wellbeing on Thursday 20th at 4pm at Unity Pavilion
18 Dec / 2018Program by:
Featured: PaulaLanguage: English

On Sexual Health Basics with Paula

Before Thursday’s presentations on Youth Safety and Wellbeing – Towards a Vibrant Health for Our Community, we talked shortly with Paula on her presentation which will be given on that day – Sexual Heath Basics.
Paula, member of SANTE, a midwife, a founder of Morning Star, birthing Centre, and an active member of Internal Committee Complains talks about the importance of breaking social expectations, to go beyond our cultural limitation, and break stigamtized topics of our sexual health, mental health …. The whole platform is aiming to encourage our youth to start fulfilling their spaces at spaces that has been created, accepting each as he or she is.