Photographer:Jean Christoph | Big trees were uprooted by winds blowing at 140 km/h Photographer:Jean Christoph | Quiet beach wall destryed by the waves Photographer:Jean Christoph | A tree in Auromode Photographer:Jean Christoph | This house survived Photographer:Jean Christoph | A giant service tree felt very close to this house Photographer:Jean Christoph | Rest of a keet house in Sadhana Forest Photographer:Jean Christoph | Uma watching a tree fallen in Upasana
04 Jan / 2012Program by:
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One in All, All in One

Auroville Council member Sonja gives an update on what’s current on their table; not surprisingly, a lot on cyclone relief. Info on making a donation provided in the news; see more at Cyclone Relief Services information listed for water, generators, solar, tree clearing, housing and help in the Greebelt.Matrimandir closed to visitors until Pongal, mid-January. Wind/Solar Renewable Energy Design Workshop coming up on January 9 to 14. For more images open the READ MORE section.

According to Sri Aurobindo, for a community with a spiritual vision to succeed Love is not enough. Something more than love is necessary. Unity of consciousness is more important than love Love is a fine flower but unity of consciousness is the root. Excerpted from Evening Talks with Sri Aurobindo