Photographer:Shirin | Ritu and imogen Photographer:Shirin | Imogen Butler-Cole Photographer:Shirin | Ritu Thyagi
02 Dec / 2018Program by:

Openly on Sexual Violence with Imogen and Ritu

The solo performance of Imogen Butler- Cole Foreign Body is aiming to destigmatise dialogue around sexual violence and offers audience the opportunity to explore the play’s themes through a panel. Both panelist are activist in women’s rights, Ritu as assistant professor at Pondicherry University, a literary critic, who wrote book on feminine issues Ananda Devi; Imogen as activist alongside On Roda Meda and Consent Collective, and with QTP, which has specialize in unique and engaging experiences for live audience.

The play and the panel offers a healing process, and hope to victims of sexual violence in whichever from it may take place. And at the end is the question of consent….