Photographer:Andrea | Mohana working at Youth Centre foreign exchange Photographer:Andrea | Anandi (centre) runs the Satchitananda organic restaurant in Auroville Photographer:Andrea | The pizza team... From left Antonello, Rob, Antonio and Daniel Photographer:Andrea | On the right Ishita cutting green chili Photographer:Andrea | Deepam stand with Hanna volunteer from Germany. At her left Gayatri. Photographer:Andrea | Mani from Celebration community. Their units produces hammocs & handloom home textile. Photographer:Andrea | On the rightl Mojtaba aka general Mufaza and an Amma grinding seeds.
20 Dec / 2014Program by:

Organic Fun at the Youth Centre

Spicy Youth Centre Christmas Fair. Like every year the Auroville YC organized his Christmas Fair end of December for which concert, games, workshop, activities were organized.
The weather was nice giving the chance to enjoy the event. A lot of guests were present along with many Aurovilans and volunteers. A very pleasant gathering for the kids and adults as well. 
More and merrier activities than ever before, to name a few: Flying fox, Climbing wall, Danke Schon, Bowling, Slides, Spice competition, Live Music & Performances, Tombola, Kids Parcour, Local Products, Tasty lunch & dinner, Pizza, Sandwiches, Dosai, Biriyani, BaJis and Pakoras, Cakes, Cookies, Juices and more.


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