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Outocome of Selection Process

The RAS shares the outcome of the three days selection process for the 7 new members of the Working Committee (Carel, Eliza, Mandakini, Ranjith Kumar, Angela, Manohar and Eric) as well as the 2 replacement members of the Auroville Council (Guy and Veronique).
We are all invited to welcome the new members next Monday 15th of December at Unity Pavilion. The event will start at 4. 30 pm and will end with a dinner together at around 6.30 pm.
Every Thursday, at 5 (to 5.30) for silence meditation there will be a Meditation For Auroville at Matrimandir with focus on this sentence: “Please Mother, bring us more consciousness, right now. Thank you”.
Kailash clinic informs us that that since about a month there is a Dengue Fever epidemic in our area, and shares ways of precaution.

Sincerity means more than mere honesty. It means that you mean what you say, feel what you profess, are earnest in your will. As the sadhak aspires to be an instrument of the Divine and one with the Divine, sincerity in him means that he is really in earnest in his aspiration and refuses all other will or impulse except the Divine’s. – Sri Aurobindo