Photographer:web | UHU - Rod Hemsell, winter course schedule on Thursdays at Savitri Bhavan Photographer:web | Viziers of Bassora, Sri Aurobindo Play, 14, 15, 16th of December<br />
Photographer:web | Awakeining of Christmas Light, CRIPA, 15th at 10am Photographer:web | LATINOAMERICA inaugarition of cultural activities Photographer:web | ANTARE, Kale Kendra on 11th at 5pm
09 Dec / 2013Program by:

Pachamama, Antare

Today, the 3rd GM on the selection process takes place, at 4pm, in the SAIIER building of the Town Hall complex. The University of Human Unity is announcing its winter course schedule, promising an lseminar every Thursday from December 13th until February 27th. This takes place at Savitri Bhavan (International Zone). The first session question: Is Auroville an Eco Village? Rod Hemsell will be presenting The Philosophy of Religion and the Poetry of Sri Aurobindo. On Wednesday at 5pm Alla Duh will close her exhibition at Kala Kendra with a concert by Alberto Sultanov. The inauguration of LATINOAMERIKA will happen on Wednesday at 4.30pm, with a Pachamama ceremony.

Be ever one-pointed in your surrender and sincere in your aspiration and you will constantly feel the presence of the Divine’s help and guidance. The Words of the Mother, Vol. 14


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