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Painting on the Wood

Alla Dull is a Russian painter who started to paint on wood three years ago. "The idea to paint on wood came from seeing the Russian Icons", she says. The main subject of her paintings are faces and hands, she continues "The hand is the most personal part of the body. With the hand you can feel every thing". In her paintings one may see different faces, each giving a different feeling. The eyes may be the first thing to attract one in the painting. Alla believes that a persons eyes are connected to reality and always show real emotion.

"The face does not give in to possession, my authority. Expression which enters into the world together with the face, is a call not to my imperfect opportunities, and my opportunity of authority. The face, all remaining a thing among things, destroys, however, the form limiting it. The face speaks with me and by that invites me to enter the attitude which is not having anything general with opportunities, carried out in pleasure or in knowledge " E. Levinas.