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24 Oct / 2016Program by:
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Peace Meditation, 12 artists

RAS shares with us results of 3 days selection process:
9 members of FAMC: Yuval – Utilite, Chandresh – Certitude; Lyle – Fraternity; Stephanie – Discipline; Bindu – Prarthna; Chali – Madhuka; Ulli – Fraternity; Amy – International House; Prabhu – Promesse.
7 members of Working Committee: Inge; Angela, Kumar; Arc en Ciel (new); Carel
Ranjit; Mandakini (re-elected); Hemant.
9 members of Auroville Council: Marc; Martin – Samriddhi (new); Sandhyra; Mita – Courage (new); Matriprasad; Enrica; Ami (new); Sundar; Elisa – Auromodele (new); Renuka.

Thursday 27th of October at 5pm at Hall of Peace, Unity Pavilion we are invited to a Peace Meditation, where Mira Nakashima with Family will be joining us around the Peace Table.

On Thursday 27th October Pavilion of Tibetan Culture – 6 pm Building Bridges – presentation of their trip to Dharamsala.

On Friday 28th at Visitors Centre from 7pm PROSKILLS Launch Event The Auroville Apprenticeship Program would like to invite the entire community to the upcoming launch of the PROSKILLS program – a night of fun, food and community!

My Lord, every day, in all circumstances, let me repeat with the full sincerity of my heart,” May Thy Will be done and not mine.”
The Mother