Photographer: | Baskar supervising the works Photographer: | As the new builing looks like Photographer: | Pumping the cement on top of CRIPA Photographer: | The palace of the 1000 columns... Photographer: | The cement will dry in few hours.
09 Dec / 2009Program by:

Performing Arts Soon

The Center for Research in the Performing Arts (CRIPA) was planning to build a whole campus complex for performing arts since 2007. It shall be located in the Cultural Zone, in the Kalabhoomi community. Now the first step has been done: the construction work for the rehearsal hall for dance, music and theatre it’s close to be completed. It will be the biggest rehearsal space in Auroville with a large wooden floor of 12 by 40 meters. Here’s an interview with the architect Baskar made on the contruction site.


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