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12 Jul / 2011Program by:
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Planning and Suryan

Yes, today is the General Meeting at 5pm at SAWCHU and we believe that it will be attend by many since new RAS will present new team consistet by Elvira, Jesse, Mauna, Partha and G. Selvam.The meeting is also an opportunity to discuss how we as a community would like to proceed on the issue of the selection process for Auroville’s Council and Working Committee. Suryan is inviting us all to the Saturday’s concert at Purple . Renu from L’Avenir d’Auroville shared with us some exciting news on planning and mapping of the city.

In all is the one Self, the one Divine is all; all are in the Divine, all are the Divine and there is nothing else in the universe, – this thought or this faith is the whole background until it becomes the whole substance of the consiousness of the worker.The Synthesis of Yoga
Sri Aurobindo

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