Photographer:Giorgio | Johnny Photographer:Giorgio | Jesse Photographer:Giorgio | The kids practicing in one of the rehearsals. Photographer:Giorgio | Premiere on the stage. Photographer:Giorgio | Shades. Photographer:Giorgio | Some kids are long time actors... For others is the debut. Photographer:Giorgio | Colors in the colors.
30 Sep / 2010Program by:
Language: English

Play – at the backstage

Two of volunteers from Living Routes talks with children on one of the rehearsal for the play – "The Little Bang” that was shown at Visitor Center in the beginning of October at the term holidays. Jesse explains how children, who are the actors, are involved in the play. Children are guided by grown ups of Miraculous Production, but main work is on them. Participating in play is a good experience for them, and many, who might be more introverted, they open themselves over years. Nevertheless those plays are strong projects which creates amongst children special social bond.

The Miraculous Theater Group once again made a very large audience laugh, and think. Very witty observations pointing out our foibies, greatly humorous verse of this latest play by Johnny, Jessie, Jana and Muktha, ‘The Little Bang’ brought wide smiles and laughter from those of every age in the audience, while little ones were enthusiastic about the event itself. And of course the acting of brilliant big little actors who took their job very seriously who all contributed to this creation in barely two weeks time. All began with A Little Bang, which lead to a complete transformation of the population (mostly carpenters and architects) living in the small town of Fevicol.


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