Photographer:google images | PM Dr. Manmohan Singh Photographer:google images | PM Dr. Manmohan Singh
03 Jul / 2012Program by:
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PM Dr. Singh meets Aurovilians

The featured interview is with Working Committee member Fred, talking about meeting with Indias fourteenth Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, rightly acclaimed as a thinker and a scholar. Dr. Singh is well regarded for his diligence and academic approach to work, as well as his accessibility and his unassuming demeanour; he took the oath of office for a second term 22 May 2009. A new painting on stone by Emanuele on display at Savitri Bhavan from July 1, first of a planned series of 7 on the wives of the Rishis.

…this from Sri Aurobindos Thoughts and Aphorisms: Men labour only after success and if they are fortunate enough to fail, it is because the wisdom and force of Nature overbear their intellectual cleverness. God alone knows when and how to blunder wisely and fail effectively Mothers commentary: certain essential qualities can only develop through suffering and difficulties. Men run away from them in ignorance, but the Supreme Lord imposes them on those He has chosen to represent Him on earth in order to hasten their development – for he is the Supreme Wisdom.


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