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30 Jan / 2012Program by:
Featured: Janek SimonLanguage: English

Pole Artists on Mission Auroville

Opening presentation on ‘Mission Auroville’: an experiment in cultural geography by 6 Polish artists who are visiting Auroville for 2 months. Vocabulary of culture texts produced in Poland often deals with questions on historical and personal fears and mishappenings. The project aims at confronting these kinds of attitudes with utopian, optimistic and future-oriented reality of Auroville. The project is a colaboration between Museum of Art in Lodz and Kala Kendra Gallery with support from Goldex Poldex and the Adam Mickiewicz Insitute.

The artists will also be exhibiting their work and experiences in Auroville on 5th March in Gallery Square Circle, Kala Kendra. The presentation will focus on values and ideas behind their practice. Participating artists are Marta Deskur Tomek Kowalski Agnieszka Polska Daniel Rumiancew Andrzej Szpindler Monika Zawadzki. More information on’