Photographer:Maria | Kala Kendra Square Circle Gallery Photographer:Giuseppe | View of sculpture and murales by  Monika Zawadzi Photographer:Maria | Egg Bye, installation by Andrzej Szpindler Photographer:Maria | View of Tomasz Kowalski paintings Photographer:Giuseppe | Video installation by Daniel Rumiancev and  presentation panel of Manju goes to Poland by Marta Deskur Photographer:Maria | Movie Frame from Wlosy (Hair) by Agnieska Polska Photographer:Maria | The curator Janek Simon presents Misja Auropol

Polish Art Exhibition

On Saturday the 3rd at 4 pm in Kala Kendra is started the exhibition Misja Auropol (Mission in Auroville) by six contemporary artist from Poland currently residing in Auroville, .
The Collective exhibition as a result of cultural geography experiment meant to test how the reality of Auroville would influence artists’ attitudes and practices.
The works shown at the exhibition present wide array of media used in contemporary art, from painting to sculpture, installation and experimental film.
The project is curated by Janek Simon.

It is a collaboration between Lodz Museum of Art and Kala Kendra, with the support of Goldex Podex and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.
Artist and their works:
Daniel Rumiancev – Tears in heaven – and – Degrees – video installations.
Monika Zawadzi – Thali plate – stainless steel sculpture, – I killed this hen especially for you – and – Hammock – acrylics on wall.
Marta Deskur – Manju goes to Poland – social action.
Tomasz Kowalski : four paint gouashe and watercolors on paper.
Agnieska Polska – Wlosy (Hair) – movie.
Andrzej Szpindler – Only now: same old vehicles – installation.