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16 Jan / 2017Program by:
Featured: AurovilleLanguage: English

Pongal, CAT 07, Volunteers

Tuesday January 17th from 4 pm to 6.30 pm at Unity Pavilion – Exploring Auroville’s City Plan – (CAT 07).
Tuesday, 17th of January at JOY Community Hall Introduction to Thomas Gordon’s Parent Effectiveness Training Course.
Wednesday 18th of January at 4.30pm at Teachers’ Center (SAIIER) – Democratic classrooms / democratic schools – conversation with Chris Sperry and Heidi Watts.
On Wedensday Jan 18, 2017 / 09:00 AM Sharnga Guesthouse YogahallOne day workshop on health in its integrality, presenting a model of health, short interactive insightful experiences and a group session identifying individual healing resources.
Thursday January 19th: 6.00 pm at Unity Pavilion -“ The true Stories of Volunteers”.
Thursday 19th January at 3 pm At unity Pavilion All Aurovilians are invited for an update and overview on the activities of the Land Board.
Thursday 19th Januaryat 3:30 pm at Citadine Art Gallery CHIRU Auroville Conversations with Aster on “Sri Aurobindo’s Ashram & CIRHU”.
Saturday, 21st of January at 9:00 – 12:30 atTransition School, 1st grade classroom – Integrating Media Literacy and Critical Thinking With Chris Sperry.
Auroville Farm Festival 20-22 January at Food Link.

Fear is an impurity, one of the greatest impurities, one of those which come most directly from the anti-divine forces which want to destroy the divine action on earth; and the first duty of those who really want to do yoga is to eliminate from their consciousness, with all the might, all the sincerity, all the endurance of which they are capable, even the shadow of a fear. To walk on the path, one must be dauntless, and never indulge in that petty, small, feeble, nasty shrinking back upon oneself, which is fear.
An indomitable courage, a perfect sincerity and a
sincere self-giving, so that one does not calculate or bargain, does not give with the idea of receiving, does not trust with the idea of being protected, does not have a faith which asks for proofs – it is this that is indispensable in order to walk on the path, and it is this alone which can truly shelter you from all danger.
( Vol.8,
p. 261-62)

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