Photographer: | Jocelyne Josiah
07 Dec / 2007Program by:
Language: English

Positive Vibration

In the English news today there is an excerpt of the introduction of yesterday’s workshop, by Jocelyne Josiah, Adviser for Information and Communication, Officer Incharge, UNESCO New Delhi. A 2-day conference was held in Auroville with the help of’ AurovilleRadio.Also in the news a reminder about the talk on mediation presented today and an ongoing invitation to roll up your sleeves to work making earthen bricks along with the team building houses…The weather in Auroville today is bright and sunny at the moment but more rain can be expected. Wind out of the North-East at 12 mph. The temperatures range on the high end 27, the low down to 21 degrees. On Saturday and Sunday the temperatures remain pretty much the same, offering a chance of more rain. The wind for the weekend escalates to 18 mph.To listen to the news click or in the picture.


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