Photographer:Barbara | Suryamayi, Michael, Aurevan - Apprenticeship Program Team Photographer:Barbara | AVriam and Lavkam(AIAT) with audience Photographer:Barbara | Suryamayi with some inspirational words of students Photographer:Barbara | Christine for Lilith Fashion School Photographer:Barbara | Sddhana Forest Apprenticeship program Photographer:Barbara | AIAT - Lavkam with solid apprenticeship program Photographer:Barbara | audience
24 Jan / 2016Program by:

Possibility for AV Youth

Yesterday’s presentation at Futures school on apprenticeship and internship for Auroville Youth brought up quite some of interesting options. Presentation was made in a joint effort by Auroville Youth, Units and Schools of Auroville, and the Auroville Campus Initiative.
Aurevan, Michael, Suryamayi as an Apprenticeship Program Team introduced efforts to design a core program. Lilith Fashion School, Saddhana Forest, Coffee ideas, Unlimited Tamil Nadu, AIAT shortly presented their apprenticeship programs.
Auroville as a hub of many skillful and professorial individuals does offers many options which could be harvested for the benefit of young generation.