Photographer:Andrea | Prema Nandkumar smiling in the city of dawn.
25 Feb / 2011Program by:


Prema Nanakumar started her session by poem Presence which she dedicated to the Divine presence in all of us, and which is in-avoidable force of mutation. Trough the comparison with past, and text as Savitri and Ramayana she wanted to pond on the positive side of changes and transformations. She formulated it in idea – there’s nothing that is really new under the sun, but there is also nothing that is repeated under the sun. Smilingly she added that elder know that the future is always better than the past, and presented the example of history one hundred years ago.

Dr. Prema Nandkumar – A lady of great sensibilities in the literary world, with a deep study of Sri Aurobindo’s works, specially Savitri’. She is the daughter of Prof. K.R. Srinivasa Iyengar.