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02 Aug / 2011Program by:
Language: English

Presentation Achva & David Stein

In this talk the landscape architects Achva and David Stein from New York that were invited by the Auroville planning section L’Avenir to help to prepare a plan for the development of the Green Belt are presenting some of their works to explain their approaches to landscape planning. They have been involved in large scale projects all over the world including India, have won many awards with their work and have now spend more than a month in Auroville to study the local situation.

They see the Green Belt as a tool to change how we live on this planet without destroying it and are suggesting to maintain ecological processes, to resolve the conflict between nature and culture and to include the population in and around Auroville into the process of development. The majority of the audience also welcomed the suggestion of an Aurovillian to ask a third party, a professional Tamil NGO, to facilitate this process with Aurovillians and the Tamil population of the villages.

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