Photographer:Lalit Kishor Bhati | Doshi with town planners and architects
25 Jul / 2011Program by:
Language: English

Progress in Town Development

An encouraging development for Auroville: the Auroville Town Development Council has been created and sanctioned officially, providing possibilities for development of Auroville within its own context and protect against speculation and other developmental issues. Renu offers a brief report concerning Town Development Council’s recent meetings which included l’AVenir d’Auroville chairman Mr. Doshi, who sanctioned going ahead with le Cite Universitaire in the International Zone, which had come to a standstill due to the old map and perimeters.

‘…the word animal derives form the Latin anima, or soul. To acknowledge one’s own soul, then, is to acknowledge the animal within.Then we can make a beginning…’ Philip Simmons, Learning to Fall

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