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09 Sep / 2015Program by:
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Questions and Answers- Entretiens

(Read by Loretta in English- Followed by the Original version in French with The Mother beginning at 27Min)
Mother started the Ashram School in 1943, and soon began to teach the children French. When the children were old enough and good enough in French, she held classes in French, teaching the older children from French translations of her books and Sri Aurobindo’s books. The transcripts of these classes have been published as the “Entretiens”. The English translation has been published as “Questions and Answers”. This reading is in English, from Questions and Answers, with the original tape recording of Mother’s class at the end. The listener can hear Mother’s class in both English and French or can hear one or the other. However, even if one does not speak French, listening to Mother speaking with so much love and wisdom is a wonderful experience. Mother speaks in very simple French to the children, and makes things very easy to understand. It is a good thing for both older and younger people to hear. This class is on several subjects, among them are; “what is universal consciousness, “what it means to be possessed by the Divine” and how Satchitananda can come back to its unity after separation.