Photographer:Auroville Radio Team  | Johnny with a Manthi Photographer:Auroville Radio Team | Kids playng instruments made in Auroville Photographer:Auroville Radio Team  | Anthony Sloan (in red) at the AurovilleRadio organizing the show

Radio Drama Live

Story starts in a ship where Captain and two passengers, Chico and Meli, are arguing. They want to go to an island. Chico wants to go there to meet Medusa to change his life and he thinks that Medusa can help him. When they reach the island Oda and his daughter help Chico to find Medusa’s place and when they reach there Oda starts talking to Medusa. Finally Oda decides to leave the island with his young wife Daisy and start a new life. Medusa decides to die and leave the earth in peace. Yatra Arts Foundation also staged a tamil family drama.

This was followed by a play based on Madam Filarski, a self-proclaimed clairvoyant, who has a baby. Charles goes to her to view his dreams and at the same time the baby starts crying. While she tries to quiet the baby two other old clients arrive. The play is a comedy about Madam Filarski caught between her baby’s antics and her clients who become preoccupied with trying to quiet the crying baby .