Photographer:Andrea | Last General Meeting
26 Apr / 2012Program by:
Language: English

RAS, and note on wood sales

In today’s news we feature phone interview with Jesse, made by Andrea about today’s General Meeting in Unity Pavilion in International Zone at 5.30pm where we will hear the results of Selection Process Study Group and to discuss their proposal for the process by which the community will select the next L’Avenir d’Auroville – Town Development Council team. Weekend will be still mostly in music mode by live concert at SveDame Well Caffe, Yemadas and Suryan, Laurent , Joel, and on Saturday sitar recital at Bharat Nivas in International Zone.

…But the true essence of sacrifice is not self-immolation, it is self-giving; its object not self-effacement, but self-fulfilment; its method not self-mortification, but a greater life; not self-mutilation, but a transformation of our natural human parts into divine members, not self-torture, but a passage from a lesser satisfaction to a greater Ananda. Sri Aurobindo The Synthesis of Yoga