Photographer:Amelia | Secretary of Auroville Foundation, Mr. Balabaskar Photographer:Amelia | Vehicles bought by found granted by Government of India Photographer:Amelia | Switching on Solar Plant by Mr. Balabaskar Photographer:Amelia | Solar Panels on the roof of the electricity and UPS room at Town Hall Photographer:Amelia | Solar Panels are On - Inverters Photographer:Amelia | Demonstration of shredding twigs Photographer:Amelia | Part of the vehicles bought by grant from Government of India
29 Dec / 2012Program by:

Reducing the Electricity Bill

This morning Auroville Cyclone Response Team (AVCRT) and the secretary of Auroville Foundation Mr. Balabaskar inaugurated the new solar plant at the Town Hall with its capacity of 10KW. The gathering was also an occasion to display all the vehicles that were bought by found given by Government of India for the relief of cyclone Thane damages. Following is the short interview with Mr. Balabaskar, Divia and Ramesh, followed by sound scape of presentation of one of the vehicles put on display outside of Town Hall with its capacity to shred twigs.


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