Photographer:Zarin | Andreas von Zadow
15 Jan / 2019Program by:

Reflecting on Collaborative Planning Workshop with Andreas von Zadow

Very intensive, and energizing. week with Collaborative Planning Workshop at Unity Pavilion is behind us, and to reflect on what was going on we invited Andreas von Zadow, the facilitator, to join us in the studio .
The Final presentation did explain it all but our conversation just went a little bit deeper. Andreas among many other things mentioned that they calculated numbers of hours that were spent by individuals on 5 days workshop was about 1500 hours or almost a year of normal work to come up with a holistic town plan. He was impressed by the willingness of participants to move forward, to start a process of change, although he says with laughter that sometimes is enough for the “organism” to get a good cup of coffee or a talk with a good friend to boost the energy, and move forward; or small changes can have a big impact. Andreas sees Auroville as big potential of a living experiment which could showcased a lot to the rest of the world.