Photographer:Tabitha | Boomi Technica Photographer:Tabitha | Tina Kazi Photographer:Tabitha | Kumaran aka dj Keke Photographer:Tabitha | Kumaran and Tina Photographer:Tabitha | Repos Photographer:Tabitha | Repos parking Photographer:Tabitha | Volleyaball Torunament
27 Jul / 2014Program by:

Repos, Our Beach

Past few years the battle to preserve our dear Repos beach community were intense. Still, due to bad erosion which would require involvement also from Tamil Nadu authorities, most of the houses are sunk . For few past week enthusiastic Aurovilians are trying at least to bring back the spirit of Sunday Repos, know as our day of rest, socializing with friends and neighbors…some good food…In short interviews with Boomi, Tina and Kumaran we find out what are their intentions, plans, hopes for the future. Yesterday feeling was nice, lively..


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