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19 Sep / 2009Program by:
Language: Youth

Resources & education

On 19 September Vikram, Martin and’ Harini presented the results of a socio-economic survey conducted over the last year. The focus on this survey was mainly on youth of Auroville and on commercial activities. Part of the research also centered on the expectations of young Aurovilians residing in the city and the capital need to implement projects in order to create new job opportunities. The important role of education and to achieve higher standards was one of the results of this research. In the second part, an interaction between the researchers and the audience made this presentation rich in answers as well as in unanswered questions.Can a survey made on 12% of the commercial units give a precise figure of’ Auroville’s actual economy? That may or may not be the case, but the value remains as an important research completed. for the part one, .