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07 Jun / 2011Program by:
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Roads and Flowers

L’Avenir d’Auroville communication platform informs us that the first stretch of the Vikas radial road has just be opened. The second stretch, up to Arati, is planned to open by mid-July. The stretch of the Crown Road, between Arka and Surrender, will be completed by the end of this month. L’Avenir is now planning to build another stretch of the Crown Road, from Kailash up to the Pour Tous Distribution Centre. The building of the road will start in July but the clearing for the road is planned to start by the middle of June. The presence of flowers at Matrimandir Gardens are meant to help build the Consciousness of the Gardens so as to be a tool for the growth of human consciousness – for those individuals who come to visit the Gardens and Matrimandir, and for the Earth as a whole. Matrimandir Garden Team asks all of us – guests and Aurovillians alike to stop picking up flowers in the Gardens.

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