Photographer:Patrick | Yorit and Aviram Photographer:web | Piano concert at Ptinaga on Thursday by Hartmut<br />
Photographer:web | Kodaikanal Photographer:web | Summer Camp at KodaiKanal
06 Jan / 2014Program by:
Featured: AviramLanguage: English

Sadhana, Piano and Rock

In today’s news we are featuring interview with Aviram recorded during the occasion of the 10th year anniversary of Sadhana Forest. On Thursday at 8pm in Pitanga we are invited to an evening piano concert with Hartmut, On Saturday, Anna Taj and musicians will offer the community a Pop Rock Concert, at 8.45pm, Visitor Centre (International Zone), and they say: come rock the Visitor Centre dance floor! Also on Saturday, from 4pm onwards, the New Era Secondary School will have an open day with presentations and performances of their 9-12th graders, welcome!

"There are two powers that alone can effect in their conjunction the great and difficult thing which is the aim of our endeavor – a fixed and unfailing aspiration that calls from below, and – a supreme Grace from above that answers" Sri Aurobindo The Mother


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