Photographer:Yana | Thappattam by Adavu Kalaikuzhu of Puducherry Photographer:Yana | Adavu Kalaikuzhu Photographer:Yana | drummers were giving the beats Photographer:Yana | Adavu Kalaikuzhu dancers Photographer:Yana | rythmyic, energetic Thappattam dance Photographer:Yana | excited audience Photographer:Yana | Thappattam dancers
13 Mar / 2018Program by:

Sangamam Celebration (4) – Thappattam by Adavu Kalaikuzhu of Puducherry

Sunday, 4th of March – Although it was a hot Sunday at the Sangamam Celelbration, and just after the lunch, some might even dozed off, audience was on their feet within seconds when energetic Thappattam dancers of visiting Adavu Klalaikuzhu group from Puducherry arrived on the stage. Strong , energetic drumming gave the boost to dancers, who shared their skills with excited audience