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13 Mar / 2018Program by:
Featured: MeenakshiLanguage: Tamil

Sangamam Celebration (3) – Talks on Unending Education

Sunday, 4th of March – It was already noon, and day too hot for the season, when the Sangamam Celebration reached the point where talks on on education, and especially on unending education which was envisioned by The Mother, came up. Meenakshi, Lourdes, Satyamoorthy, Shankar, Suryagandhi, Yatra Srinivasan, Devi, Bala Ananad, Moris, Arul, Kavitha and Tom were talking on different aspects of education, and educational projects taking place as well in bio region as in Auroville. For the end Kavitha and Arul presented Youth Link, and its potentials, and Tom emphasized that future of our water lies in hands of all – bio region in collaboration with Auroville.
Meenakshi proudly reminded the audience on the rich Tamil culture with written word, and other parts of the art and culture.