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Sarasvati, from River to Goddess

The Sarasvati, the most sacred river of the Rig-Veda, disappeared in the post-Vedic era. The only major river to do so in North-west India, it was also the only one to be deified. In many ways, Sarasvati, the goddess of speech, knowledge and the arts, is the fountain-head of Indias classical civilization. But there is another side to the story, which began with the rediscovery of the rivers dry bed in the nineteenth century: later, archaeological explorations initiated by Marc Aurel Stein eventually unearthed hundreds of Harappan sites in the Sarasvatis basin. As it turned out, the lost river has provided an unexpected bridge between the Vedic world and the Indus-Sarasvati civilization, calling for a fresh look at old models.

About Michel -Independent scholar, author and educationist. Has been living in India since 1977, currently near Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, researching aspects of Indian civilization. Has lectured widely in India, especially in cultural and educational institutions. Writes in English and French. His latest book is “The Lost River: On the Trail of the Sarasvati” (Penguin Books, India, 2010)

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