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18 Oct / 2018Program by:
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Saraswati Pooja, 300th event of French Pavilion, 13 years of Yatra

Today, Thursday 18th of October from 5pm onward Yatra is celebrating 13 years with
Saraswati Pooja at 5pm followed by cultural program of Yatra children .

On Friday, 19th at 7am at Aspiration Sports Ground Auroville Kshetra Kalari is celebrating Vijaya Dasami Pooja.

On Friday 19th October at 6pm at TASMAI a Centre for Art & Culture Catalog Launch The Creative Process with extending the ongoing exhibition by Kirti Chandak up to October 25th .

Saturday 20th of October at 5pm at MMC The French Pavilion celebrates its 300th Event by presenting “How everything will collapse, and why Auroville should look into Collapsology“Conference by Daniel and Christian (Aurovilians)in French translated simultaneously in English and Tamil.

When somebody lives in a higher consciousness, the vibrations of this higher consciousness are manifested in whatever this person does, says or thinks. These higher vibrations are manifested by the very fact of the presence of this person upon earth. Blessings
The Words of The Mother, Vol. 12


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