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Savitri Book 7 Canto 1 (part 2) Read by Loretta

SAVITRI Book 7, The Book of Yoga, Canto. I The Ordeal of the Foreknowledge of Death and the Heart’s Grief and Pain- (Part 2)

In the second half of Canto 1, Savitri is married to Satyavan, living with him and his parents in the forest. After the experience of indescribable happiness following her marriage, she remembered the approaching date when Satyavan must die. Everything has been wonderful up to now in Princess Savitri’s life, Sri Aurobindo wrote earlier in the book, “…’till then no mournful line had barred this ray”, but “The great and dolorous moment now was close” Savitri’s immortal soul, which is conscious of her Divine source and the real work she took birth for, is hidden. In this hour of grief and pain she is governed by her mind and vital being, and Sri Aurobindo describes how she deals with fear of the impending doom.

Music: Nadaka, 2001, Album: The Lotus of the Open Heart- Meditation 3, Song: The Valley