Photographer:World web | Vanilla Orchid
14 Oct / 2010Program by:
Language: English

Savitri and Out of Station

Today, and this weekend the city is full of talks, theater plays, concert, workshops…Today we can start with Sustainability Seminar at Last School Campus where Kathy and Bhavana will be talking about Social Sutainability – Auroville and the Villages or we can listen to an interesting presentation at Town Hall by Patrice Meyniel about Vanilla – a fascinating productive orchid. At Udavi school tomorrow morning at 10.30 AV theater group with Udavi School children will give a play “Savitri – a soul for any age”, directed by Jill. In the evening at Visitor Center Genius Incorporated Presents OUT OF STATION. And for the music lovers- on Sunday 17th of October at Bharat Nivas Auditorium Convergence Concert Indian Classical and Candaian Jazz musisicans.