Photographer:Loretta | Mother's Symbol In Sri Aurobindo's Symbol - Designed by Mother Photographer:Ashram Archives | Sri Aurobindo, 1918 - 1920
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Savitri, B. 1, C. 2

Savitri, Book I, The Book Of The Traveller Of The Worlds, Canto II, The World Stair, Pages 95 – 102

The great yogi-king Aswapathy starts on his inner journey through the planes and parts of his own being, which are also the planes and parts of the Creation itself. He is on his way to creation’s centre to find the Divine Mother and ask her help for humanity and the world. In Book I, he reached place where the heights of mortal effort end, and he received what he needed to be able to travel on. Now that his work for his own spiritual self-fulfillment is done, his journey is for humanity and the earth. He travels on, bearing the burden of the world’s desire, and he sees a high world pile which is the single stair to being’s goal. “A figure sole on Nature’s giant stair, he mounted towards an indiscernible end on the bare summit of created things.”


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