Photographer:Loretta | Mother's Symbol in Sri Aurobindo's Symbol - Designed by Mother Photographer:Cartier-Bresson | Sri Aurobindo, 23/4/50
09 Jan / 2016Program by:

Savitri, B. 1, C. 4, Part 3

Savitri, Book I, The Book of Beginnings, Canto IV, The Secret Knowledge, Part 5, Pages 66 – 73

The Master of Existence leaves his infinite and eternal solitude to become the creation and to take birth in a body so he can again become the All. He is the sailor on the flow of time. He is joined forever to his mighty mate, the Mother of Creation. For love of her he follows the course of Time’s eternity amid all of her magic dramas, surprises and vicissitudes. This week we have an entry from Sri Aurobindo’s Record of Yoga, showing his own progress in the realization of the Two who are One.


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