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Savitri, B.I, C.III, Part 3

The King’s Higher Being Attains The Everlasting

King Aswapati, the great Yogi is moving completely beyond the world of forms and the sensations that come into human awareness through the senses. He has already had some experiences of the inner worlds of higher consciousness. As the King leaves the world’s struggles behind, and his consciousness no longer has to receive all that has been coming into him from outside, he experiences rare and clear periods of time when he can go up into the level of the Immortal Spirit, where all is known in its Truth. Then he can approach the still consciousness which sustains all that is. Work is done in the darker parts of the King’s being by the Self of eternal light. His human outside strives to have the divine force in him again. The light and power and presence come back again and again, and each time the light remains longer and he rises to a higher spirit plane. Finally King Aswapati’s higher being can live in the still Self, and he faces all experience with unaltered Peace.