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24 Jan / 2023Program by:

Savitri, B. I, C. V, Part 2

The King’s Being Rises To Pathless Heights

King Aswapati has achieved great things on his Yogic path to Supreme Realisation. His physical body is no longer bound or fettered by Matter’s Law. He has Omniscience – All-Knowledge – because he was able to enter the silent space where all is forever known. He knows about the coming Supermind and the new Superhuman being. He is now one-pointedly pursuing his immense spiritual destiny. The King’s being rises into pathless heights, and a strong of spiritual force descends into his nerves, his heart and his brain. His being expands into both unimaginable depths and immeasurable heights, and then it is torn out of its mortality. All the limits of his life, and all that repressed his consciousness, is removed. A new self can now find its place in the King’s changed being. King Aswapati becomes the Lord of Nature. She surrenders herself and all her hidden powers. Nature’s bizarre kingdom of tricks and sorceries passes into the charge of the King.