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24 May / 2023Program by:

Savitri, B. II, C. III, Part 2

The Highest Worlds of Immortal Life

King Aswapati is in the subtle region of the creation which is close to the origin of Life, far above our material, physical earth plane. Here, Life is not confined in physical forms, where the Law of Matter limits her expressions and actions. There is no pain or grief or suffering. “Only to be was a supreme delight.” Everything is illumined by the immortal Spirit. “All objects there were great and beautiful.” The mental forces and the vital-life forces worked together in complete accord doing wonderful things. There were worlds of happiness and beauty and bliss. “Life was an eternity of rapture’s moods: age never came, care never lined the face.” The subtle inhabitants of these high life-worlds lived a life of delight, and “their will to joy poured smilingstreams of happiness through the world”.

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