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Savitri, B. II, C. XIV

Savitri, Book II, The Book Of The Traveller Of The Worlds, Canto XIV, The World Soul

The great Yogi-King is called by a mysterious sound which is all sounds in turn and yet the same, and he enters a mystic passage to the deep heart of the world. There, where all is soul, he finds the silent soul of all the world, and he sees the fashioning chamber of the worlds where souls return to rest between births. Along a road of pure interior light his soul passes on towards the end which ever begins again. There he sees, for the first time in his long, long journey, the Divine Mother.


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  • Monica

    Thank you for the beautiful reading of this Canto. It was brought to life in my heart. Greetings from the Mothers Circle in Vancouver.

    In Peace,


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