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21 Dec / 2017Program by:

Savitri, B. IV, C. II, Part 2

To See Her Was A Summons To Adore…A Glory Inapproachably Divine.

Savitri is a lovely being – a friend, yet too great wholly to know. To be near her drew a high communion’s force. Through the story of how people relate to Savitri, Sri Aurobindo tells us stories about how people related to Mother with their imperfect human development in the Ashram. Savitri is so high that no equal heart comes near to join her longing heart; no comrade soul made like her – made one as God and Nature are one. Whoever is too great must lonely live. Thus was it awhile with Savitri…her spirit dwelt apart until her hour of fate. This program includes a beautiful story of seeing Mother for the first time.


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