Photographer:Loretta | Mother's Symbol In Sri Aurobindo's Symbol - Designed By Mother
28 Dec / 2017Program by:

Savitri, B. IV, C. III

Savitri Is Sent To Search The Deep World For Her Mate

The mighty yearning that asks for a perfect life for earth and men again raised it flame. King Aswapathy hears a Voice from hidden skies, calling mankind to its greater destiny. The Voice speaks of man’s failure to change. Then, Savitri comes like a shining answer from the gods. There comes the gift of a revealing hour, and with his inner sight, the king sees the great and unknown spirit born as his daughter. He speaks to her in sentences from unseen heights. The king tells Savitri that somewhere on earth waits her mate, the second self for which her nature asks. He tells her to depart where love and destiny call her charm, and his word is the seed of all things to be. The next morning the palace wakes to its own emptiness. Savitri has gone to search the spacious world for the love of her life.