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Featured: SavitriLanguage: English

Savitri, B.V, C.III, Part 3

Savitri and Satyavan join their souls in their own private wedding.

Savitri remembers all that happens on this day of fate when Satyavan asks her to enter his life. She tells him that he is the soul her soul is seeking. She descends from her high car and they join their souls in their own deep, life-changing personal marriage. Sri Aurobindo’s descriptions of their wedding and what happens in their embrace disclose ancient wisdom about the experience of marriage. He says that the wedding of the Eternal Lord and Spouse took place again on earth in human forms. Ancient Indian teachings say that this is the true relationship between married couples. The Supreme Unmanifest All manifested the creation by putting his own power out from himself. Marrriage is looked upon as the ongoing intimate union of these two great Powers who are the creation and its source, and the world is only their love and their giving and caring for each other. In the joining of Savitri and Satyavan, Sri Aurobindo says the natural miracle was wrought once more; in the immutable ideal world, one human moment was eternal made.


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