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Featured: SavitriLanguage: English

Savitri, B. VI, C. I, Part 3

Fate – Must Fire Always Test The Great Of Soul?

Savitri tells her parents that she has chosen Satyavan to be her husband, and her father, King Aswapathy sees a darkness above Satyavan’s name that is chased by stupendous light. He asks Narad, the all-knowing Divine Messenger not to give Savitri the dreadful foreknowledge of this fateful danger unless his words can avert the impending doom. The king worries about fated dangers in human life. And Narad answered not, silent he sat, knowing that words are vain and Fate is lord. Aswapathy’s queen, Savitri’s mother becomes alarmed and asks Narad for the blessing of the Immortals’ confirmation of a happy married life for her daughter. She asks to be warned so they can turn aside and avoid any doom that comes with the house of Satyavan. Narad says no cry or prayer can turn Savitri from her path.